Is Budapest good Place for a Stag do?

The timing couldn’t be any better for a stag party in Europe’s self-proclaimed party capital, Budapest.  Travel and expenses are at rock-bottom prices for any foreigners looking to take advantage of.  Even some of the nicer hotel suites have dipped enough in price to be considered by any buddies looking to rock some lucky stag’s world.  If you’re deciding between Budapest and another popular party city, take a look at why this place is one of a kind.

stag do budapest

World Famous Hot Springs

Here is one aspect of Budapest that cannot be imitated or recreated: the cities natural hot springs.  Over a thousand individual hot springs give residents the most luxurious and hottest places to soak their bodies in, both indoors and outdoors.  There are plenty of hot springs that cater to stags, too, of course.

If you’re trying to avoid staring at saggy old skin (no offense here, just stating preferences), you can go to the Szecska parties to find some amazing bods on display at any given time.  Winter months are especially fun, you’ve got everyone running around in their skimpy swimsuits, braving the cold air, then dunking back into the safety of the hot springs.  Needless to say, there’s a lot of antics, games, and opportunities to meet some cool friends and mates at the hot springs.

stag night in Hungary

Ruin Bars

Not much of a swimmer?  Well, stag do in Budapest isn’t just some one-trick sky bar budapestpony when it comes to partying, how else would they be able to carry the title of party capital of Europe?  Their bar scene is like no other, particularly their ruin bars.  These bars are making what is old, new again by essentially renovating old war ruins, abandoned buildings, and using their framework to host amazing open bars, cafes, and nightclubs.  The atmosphere just feels like one big freeform party, which is what a lot of clubs and bars lacks these days.  You walk into a ruin bar and you just do whatever you want, no awkward shuffling to find a floorspace to stand or a table to sit at.

Vibrant Nightlife

drink in budapestOf course, Budapest has a popping nightlife, even ignoring the ruin bars.  There’s a ton of hot clubs, LGBT-friendly bars, and safe spaces where the gay and lesbian community like to party.  There’s even some more “sophisticated” form of entertainment if your stag party prefers to catch a film at the cinema, performing arts plays, or a musical.

Last, but not least, is Budapest’s red light district, no stag’s vacation is complete without seeing the finest art on display without any hang-ups.  Although, do plan your trip to the strip clubs and sex shops accordingly, as it can be very easy to spend way more money than you intended.  Luckily, there’s plenty of helpful tourist information for stag parties, so you don’t need to go into the city blind, fumbling around like a virgin.

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Budapest knows its reputation as a party town, but rather than ignore it, the city embraces it and accommodates stags and hens all the same to ensure that you have a good time without concern.